18 Jun 2015

The countdown is on! After years in the making on June 18th ‘Spark by Boomer’ will be ready to be released to the public. For the past 5 months we have been completing our final taste tests and the response has been better than we could have ever hoped.

On a personal note, it has been really exciting for me to use a single pre-training and pre-game drink rather than the several I used to have to take each day. Likewise seeing all the North boys using the shot has been incredibly inspiring.  The combination of ingredients is helping me maintain my performance as well as the performance of other professional and amateur athletes who have tested the drink.

If you would like to see firsthand the results that ‘Spark by Boomer’ achieves, you can order your delivery through the website at or if you would like to become a supplier please contact us at for more information.

I am so excited to get this product out to you all and start helping athletes at every level be the best they can be!