Athletes of all levels and sports are quickly discovering SPARK IGNITE & SPARK RECHARGE as legitimate ways to maximise their performance, both physically and mentally.

After years of product research and testing, our industry-leading products are of the highest quality and have been specifically designed to assist those striving for more, to reach their full potential and recover faster.

SPARK IGNITE is a unique sugar-free pre-workout and competition supplement that adopts three special active ingredients, all specifically selected on the back of extensive scientific research. Combined, these ingredients not only exert their effect in isolation but potentiate each other’s actions and ignite performance.

Unequivocal evidence proves through regular use of this amino acid, we can dramatically boost the body’s carnosine content.

It’s the action of this carnosine that is most significant in its workings inside the membrane of muscle cells. The carnosine acts as an intra-cellular buffer, helping to maintain cell pH levels during exercise and subsequently allowing higher quality.

Another amino acid, this time helping to promote arousal levels to mentally prime athletes in order for them to take on any type of training or competition and perform at the highest level possible.

S2’s effectiveness comes from its role as a building block of dopamine, a neurotransmitter active in the brain that competes against Serotonin to help drive our motivation, concentration, alertness and arousal.

By assisting the body’s natural production of dopamine, the mind is ready to perform along with the body.

S3 is a group of water-soluble molecules required in higher amounts in active individuals. These micronutrients are necessary during the body’s process of converting proteins and sugars into energy and are used during the production and repair of cells, including red blood cells.

Spark contains a very small amount of caffeine (32mg) – less than you would find in a cup of coffee. Its presence is not designed to promote a glycogen sparing effect (~3mg/kg body weight), nor will it have athletes temporarily ‘wired’ then leave them with plummeting levels of alertness. Rather, it will serve as an adjunct to S2, assisting with the promotion of optimal arousal levels and assist with breaking through performance barriers.

10-15 minutes after taking IGNITE, athletes will likely feel the onset of tingles (paraesthesia) as S1 kicks in. This is the start of the cascade of biochemical reactions preparing your body and mind to perform at its best.

There’s no question, recovery is just as important as training and performance and to be the best, or get the optimum results, you can’t have one without the other.

We take recovery seriously and have designed a product like no other – RECHARGE.

RECHARGE uses a key ingredient, leucine, which upregulate the body’s muscle building machinery through the mTOR pathway (an intracellular signalling pathway important in regulating the cell cycle), to ensure athletes recover, repair and build muscle more effectively and efficiently.

RECHARGE come in a 150g pouch in the form of a foam (stable at room temperature) and is available in three flavours: Zesty Berry, Burnt Vanilla & Dark Chocolate.

The brainchild of Australian Rules Football legend and games record holder Brent Harvey, IGNITE & RECHARGE are the products of his unrivalled determination to succeed and his pursuit of uncompromising excellence.

Always meticulous with his preparation throughout a remarkable 21-year career, Harvey always strived for best practice, not as a one off, but pre-season after pre-season to ensure he was maximising his performance – but he didn’t do it alone.

Throughout his career, Harvey used IGNITE & RECHARGE to not only sharpen his focus, but to help him maintain the highest standard of performance possible.

IGNITE & RECHARGE were developed by Harvey and North Melbourne Football Club High Performance Manager & Dietician Jona Segal. Together they drilled down on the key nutritional components needed to perform at the highest level.

After years of vigilantly refining an elite-level supplement regimen and reaping the physiological benefits of it, the pair decided to share their special formulas realising there was huge potential for others to benefit from them – whether they be professional athletes or individuals looking to improve their physical and mental output.

IGNITE & RECHARGE are the culminations of years of scientific research and refinement, backed by the experience and genuine endorsement of one of Australia’s most incredible and durable athletes.

When athletes use IGNITE & RECHARGE, they do so in the knowledge they’re the exact formulas used by Harvey throughout his decorated 432-game career, and also by a growing number of other top-level sportspeople and elite performers.

Jona Segal is an accredited practicing dietitian (APD) and nutritionist (AN) and a registered sports dietitian (SDA) with nearly 20 years experience in elite sport as well as the corporate and clinical sectors. Jona is the high-performance manager for the North Melbourne Football Club, an organisation he has worked for since 2000. Segal is a member of the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) and has consulted to the Victorian Institute of Sport in addition to professional athletes across tennis, basketball, triathlon and MMA.